we are a modern media company on a mission to create and distribute meaningful content for perfect moments, which we define as the perfect sync between audience, people and time.

Our origins: We got incorporated in the Kingdom of Eswatini as EljayMedia (pty) ltd, company registration R7/63962. 

To realise our mission we have brands and support divisions that drive the creation and delivery of content.

These brands and divisions allow us to deliver value to brands through our adverting channels and partnership opportunities.

Our Values: a common DNA that runs through our platforms and divisions.

  • We Are Creative – we look at the world through a lens of  innovation and eagerness to bring new ideas to life.
  • We Are Curious – Our thirst for reliable, actionable intel is unquenched. We believe asking ‘what if?’ can unlock the next big thing. 
  • We Love Fun – we play as hard as we work. Anything worth doing is worth doing with a smile. We don’t do ‘too serious’.